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E-Commerce Distributor

Experience the next level of fulfillment with Grexon. Our tailored, efficient, and reliable solutions ensure your products reach customers on time, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Steps to a Quick and Easy
Collaboration Process

At Grexon, we provide seamless and dependable fulfillment solutions tailored to our partners’ needs, ensuring timely delivery of products to your customers.

Product Acceptance

After the signing of the Contract, it covers Inventory management, storage and customs clearance for international shipments.

Product Listing

Your products are listed on more than 700 marketplaces in Europe, including Amazon and eBay.

Sales and Marketing

Advertising and marketing activities are carried out to sell the products in the marketplaces we list. Collection of sales is realized by us.

Shipment and Delivery

We collect the products, pack them, print labels and deliver them to the customer quickly with the shipping method of your choice.

Invoicing and Reporting

It guarantees accurate invoicing while providing insights into inventory, order volume and other critical metrics.

Returns Management

We accept product returns and manage customer feedback.

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Do I need a trading company in Europe?

No, you do not need a company in Europe. Grexon solves all your commercial processes and makes payments to your commercial account in your country.

How are warehouse and inventory management carried out?

Grexon's professional teams manage the stocking and distribution process. The safety and stock tracking of the product belongs to Grexon.

How will I get paid when my products are sold?

After the sale, your payment will be made to the bank account specified in the contract within the agreed maturity period.

We Will Scale With Your Business
As You Grow

Why Choose Us?

Our Germany-based warehouse, with its large space, advanced technology, and versatile services, has the capacity to elevate your business. Our professional team is always here to help you grow your business and increase your efficiency.