Meet your e-commerce distributor in Europe.

Experience seamless e-commerce solutions from warehousing to distribution and order deliveries with Grexon. Let’s grow your business together!

Integration with more than 100 e-commerce platforms

Europe-wide End-to-End Logistics and Fulfillment

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we are committed to meeting your needs with customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

The Most Popular Services

E-commerce Distributor

Let us prepare your products for sale on major platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Kaufland in Europe and start earning.


As your trusted partner, with our 25,000m² warehouse in Germany, we offer shipping, warehousing, and multi-channel e-commerce.


Experience features designed to streamline inventory management and optimize your supply chain.

Reverse Logistics

To increase customer satisfaction, simplify your returns management with our cost-effective solutions.

Returns Handling

We take care of the entire returns process, ensuring that it's stress-free for both you and your customers.

B2B Fulfillment

B2B Fulfillment solutions, designed to optimize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction for businesses of all sizes.

Take full control of your E-commerce

Easy to use and centralized management

Check all your stocks and orders from the Grexon technology dashboard system.

Instant listing on all e-commerce platforms

Easily track which e-commerce platforms your products are listed on.

Earn earnings in Euros and get paid quickly

All sales will be made in euros and your payments will be transferred to your account quickly.

A place of trust for millions of people

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If you want to know anything, inquire us

Do I need a trading company in Europe?

No, you do not need a company in Europe. Grexon solves all your commercial processes and makes payments to your commercial account in your country.

How are warehouse and inventory management carried out?

Grexon's professional teams manage the stocking and distribution process. The safety and stock tracking of the product belongs to Grexon.

How will I get paid when my products are sold?

After the sale, your payment will be made to the bank account specified in the contract within the agreed maturity period.

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